Urban Flowers
Urban Flowers


As a florist and award-winning planting designer I am lucky to live a flower-filled life. I grow as many flowers as possible in a small inner-city garden cramming every available space with pots and planters that change with the seasons.

In my book Urban Flowers my aim is to demonstrate how growing your own flowers can transform the urban environment to bring a multitude of benefits for everyone who lives there.

As our 21st century cities get bigger and become more densely populated it is imperative that we remain in touch with the natural world. From cultivating courtyard gardens to planting window boxes or growing vertically against walls and up drainpipes, there are lots of easy-to-follow projects that will inspire you to do this.

In my shop you will find everything you need to create and maintain a mini urban flower garden. This includes planters and containers specifically chosen for tiny spaces pre-planted for delivery as well as the gardening tools and floristry accessories that I use myself.

I have purposely set out to source items that are ethically made by small producers using up-cycled, recycled and sustainable materials to create products with a soul and a story.

Please feel free to contact me with any gardening queries, comments and suggestions.


Happy Gardening!

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Carolyn Dunster
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